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When you have done something a certain way for so long it can be hard to change.  You know it’s not doing you any good and you know you want different results but finding a new way of thinking or a new strategy in which to do things is often tricky… Read More


Happiness is something that everyone wants.  Just to be happy.  But often we may feel that happiness feels out of reach . Even when you think you should be happy there’s just something stopping you from reaching that happiness… Read More


Over time, your emotions and feelings can get tangled up and sometimes you can’t make sense of them.  Sometimes, past events, decisions and beliefs can hold you back in your life.  You want to move on and move forward but something gets in the way… Read More


I am Lisa Tighe and I am an NLP Coaching Practitioner

What I can do for you?

With my help NLP can enable you to use the language of the mind to make positive changes and specific outcomes. 

Teenage Solutions

The teenage years could be the best days of your life.  They could also be the most difficult.  I can help you.

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming often referred to as NLP explores the relationship between….
Neuro: How we think.
Linguistic: Verbal and non verbal communication.
Programming: Patterns of Behaviour and Emotions.
It is how to use language to achieve specific goals and outcomes.


Michaela, South Wales

Lisa is a natural coach and therapist. She has an easy way and a can-do attitude. When I worked with Lisa I addressed some difficult issues but with her incredible insight and guidance she has turned my life around on a permanent basis. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough.

NLP Coaching can make a massive difference to your life. Read some of the testimonials to see the impact it has had on some of my clients.  

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