The teenage years could be the best days of your life.  They could also be the most difficult.  

School, friendships, arguments at home, social media, weight, drink, drugs, exams, acne, anger, anxiety to name but a few of the issues teenagers have to deal with daily.

Or sometimes a young person is having so much of a great time that they are not looking after themselves and may need some guidance on getting back on the right track.


Teenage issues that I can help with:

Teenage Solutions:

Free half hour consultation

Working together

For the young person:
1. To meet and talk to me in person
2. For them to begin to build trust in me so we can work together
3. For the young person to communicate to me what the issues are that they would like to work on
For the Parent/Guardian
1. For them to meet me in person and feel at ease
2. For them to see how the sessions will operate
3. For them to understand and agree confidentiality while I am working with the young person
For me:
1. For me to meet the young person and establish what they would like to get from working with me
2. For me to make the young person aware of some of the tools and techniques we may use when working together
3. For me to see how committed the young person is to making positive changes
Like working with adults, some of the issues will be simple and some will be more complex and difficult to resolve.
Parents/guardians may feel that they know the issue the young person will want to work on.  However the young person may present a totally different issue. Or there may be other problems/challenges that may need to be dealt with before we get to the root of the problem.
All sessions are one to one, confidential and within relaxed surroundings.
Working together we can achieve positive changes and success for your teenagers.  With my knowledge, and guidance I can help and support teenagers to be happier, healthier and enjoy these exciting years!

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