Coaching and Therapy Sessions 

When working with me, I bring a fantastic blend of Coaching and Therapy together to get the best results for my clients. 

We look at what you want, what is stopping you and then what needs to happen for you to achieve it. 

I have a variety of techniques, skills and questioning that I can use to help you think differently, make changes and ultimately get you the results you want to Improve or change your life.

Equally if you want your sessions to solely concentrate on using a chosen skill or technique then this fine too.

Sessions are client led and it is important to have flexibility to achieve the best results possible.

I offer either individual sessions or you can book a block of 6.

So if you are looking for Coaching, Therapy or a mixture of both then I am able to offer something that will work for YOU.

Using NLP Coaching  Techniques I work with You to:

Improve YOUR Confidence

If you are low in self-confidence we can work together and using NLP strategies you can take control of your life and self- confidence

Change Negative and Limited Beliefs

If you think you can’t then you won’t.  Together we can use NLP techniques to get rid of those unwanted beliefs that are holding your back.

Create Positive Strategies

If you want to remove unwanted behaviour patterns you need to change the strategies you are using. NLP can help you develop new healthy strategies. 

Cure YOUR Phobia

Phobias are irrational fears that can often rob us of certain life experiences. Whatever your Phobia the NLP Fast Phobia Cure will help you overcome it. 

Set Goals

I can help you to set compelling and achievable goals which will motivate you and guarantee your success. 

Overcome Indecision

Are you stuck not knowing which way to turn. Part of you wants to go one way and part the other. NLP parts integration can give you clarity and direction.

Deal with Depression

Are you feeling low, despondent, lacking energy and motivation? NLP can help you to reprogram those thoughts and emotions that so often bring you down.  

Change Negative Eating Habits

Have you developed unhealthy eating habits?  Do you comfort eat? By using NLP techniques with you I can help you take control of your diet.

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